200k+ followers on instagram! Thanks

I know it sounds crazy and I also can’t believe how this could happen: but we reached and we passed 200k followers on Instagram only!THANK YOU !!!!!

That’s right the Ivano Cheers Instagram account reached and passed the milestone of 200k followers and thanks to that and to the Instagram stories and posts of the profile the articles of this blog are receiving thousands of views every day!

I honestly don’t know how could this be real especially considering that about a year ago we were around 60k followers which was already to me an incredible amount.

Let me be honest: I’m not just happy with the amount of the people following the profile but I’m happy because all of you are so engaging and active: you guys are following, commenting, DM me, mailing me and my agency … you made it happen and I’m so grateful for that, I can’t really thank you enough!

All these great results on the website and the Instagram profile make me forget all the trolls and haters around: especially on my Facebook Account where I had to put on moderation the majority of the contents and some (very small amount) people even been laughing or joking or trolling about raising funds for a good cause.

Just a reminder: unless I’m in an intense working moment I’ll post on the blog at least 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and I’ll post the same day on Instagram, Instagram story and Facebook (and on Twitter as a reminder)

One more time: