A normal day in my life … part 1

Since many of you have reacted to my previous poll asking me to talk more about my daily life here we are: “A normal day in the life of Ivano Cheers“.

Let’s start to say that for normal I mean a day where I’m not traveling, I don’t have any kind of shooting, I don’t have auditions … well … you’ve got the gist. This is the first part: so stay tuned for the next part yet to come (part two). For special shooting days or particular working days there will be some dedicated posts in the future.

Ivano Cheers: a classic day of my life

ivano cheers bondFirst things first: I’m a very reserved person, quite shy and I love my privacy; I’m writing this because you guys asked me and all of you are the most important asset of my job. Probably also a video will follow up on the new platform IGTV.
A normal day of my actual life begins and finishes in the place where I live: in the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles). I’m lucky enough to stay in a big house with sea view that makes me feel good and gives me the feeling of home sweet home every time. I live alone with my wonderful buddy Pam (my dog) but being alone doesn’t mean being lonely and definitely I’m not a lonely person.
My typical day is quite well scheduled from wake up time to sleeping time (see part 2) and, from many points of view, quite repetitive every day.
Whether or not I’m approaching a shooting or a fitness gig I have to be in shape year around since a work opportunity may always arrive last minute therefore I’m basically on diet always (whether I wanna gain muscle or lose it or maintain it) and I always consider the workout part of my job. Might happen that I decide to take only 2-3 weeks off per year with the purpose to rest and reset my body.

Wake up time: on average 5:30am – 6:00am – If I eventually miss the wake up alarm my dog will take care to wake me 🙂
Time for a coffee, morning supplements and every day 30 mins (up to 45 mins if I have to get ripped) of empty stomach cardio: I have a small gym at home so I can easily do my cardio at home or, sometimes, I go jogging with Pam (again: my buddy dog).
While doing cardio I always check my emails and I start to work via smartphone while doing cardio. As I’m done with the cardio I eat right away the first meal of the day and I take a shower. If I’m really sleepy I jump in the swimming pool for few mins (consider that a) is still very early b) in Curacao is summer year around).

The dog of Ivano Cheers: PamAfter that (around 7:00) I play a bit with the dog, I feed him and I start to work in front of the monitor answering the previously selected emails, checking and feeding my social profiles (as you know I always post at least three times p/week on my Instagram profile and on my Facebook Page – Monday, Wednesday and Friday … sometimes more) and answering the private messages and Direct Messages from the socials.
It’s around 8:00am – 8:30am and is time for another meal which I eat normally on the balcony outdoor always paired with Pammy. Then I change and I normally go to the gym around 9:00am – 9:30am, I get another small meal at the gym and I start my workout: normally 5-6 days p/week depending how I feel my body. As I finish my workout a quicker cardio session and a liquid meal: a shake which has more calories than any other meal 🙂
On the way back from the gym (short distances – small island) I run always some errands and grocery (I eat 8 to 10 times per day … most likely fresh food) and I get home around 12:00 which is time for another meal (yes, sounds crazy but it is true … and most likely it’s always the same food day in day out) then till 15:00 is always meeting – video conference time: most of the times with my agent, my PR agency, sponsors, sometimes video-call auditions and/or I take care about other investments I’ve done outside my working environment.

The rest of the afternoon, evening and sometimes night will be told in PART 2 of this post: stay tuned!

Thanks always for your support, also by making me doing these kinds of posts I get out of my comfort zone which is good!

Love you all

Ivano Cheers