Back to Curacao – Here the poll’s results

Guys I made it! With my big dose of jet-lag and lack of sleep I made it back home in Curacao!

Last post I asked you to answer few questions whereas I could better understand what you want to see more about my posts, my photos and my articles.

And here in this post you will see the results. I considered to sum up the final results several things:


The result on the poll on this article.
The result on the story I published on my Instagram profile.
The same story publish on my Facebook page.
The comments you guys dropped on my Instagram post and related Facebook post.
I also took in consideration production advises and the opinion of my agent.
And HERE WE ARE: I’m going to mention only the top three because are indeed more relevant.

Judging from the photo on this post you might already know what won the poll!

  1. Giving you more insights and photos about James Bond and the coming #Bond25
  2. Giving you tips and advise in fitness modeling and fitness in general (Guys I’m 43!! 🙂 )
  3. Giving you more photos, footage and articles about my normal life

Now: let’s say first and foremost the first one was almost a sure bet to be honest

There will be no problem to give you more photos and advise about fitness modeling, fitness in general and eventually diets

About my normal life I’ll try my best: I’m a very shy person (regardless what people may thing) and I love my privacy: I can never be one of those vlogger who talk anly about their own life but I promise you I’ll try my best. There is a big difference when I’m just Ivano in my own life and Ivano Cheers on public at work.

Remember that beside my Instagram and Facebook page I just open my IGTV channel.

Thank you very much from all of you, you always make it happen!

Love you all

Ivano Cheers