Failure IS an option!

If you are so secure of yourself to the point that your motto is “Failure is not an option” … good for you.

Unfortunately in most of the cases failure is an option whether you are an actor, a model or, in a sense, everywhere on life.

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Ivano Cheers YouTube
Failure is not an option – Video

How to handle failure by Ivano Cheers

Rather than saying “Failure ain’t an option” I’d like to say that if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.
As an artist you will experience failure: I did (plenty of times), big names did, public figures did and so on so forth.

The point is that failure is just, at the end of the day, feedback (and probably the best feedback, even if negative, that you can get). If inventors didn’t experience failure we wouldn’t live in the high tech world of nowadays.

I know: failure hurts, but if you are a performer you have to overcome that pain and learn from it, you have to be able to avoid to cry over a failure and just move to the next gig or the next audition.

What I do to get over the failure

  • I write down few actions that, seeing the outcome, I could prepare better improving the overall performance. You must to be honest with yourself: did I put the right amount of time to prepare myself? Did I focus enough? Did I stick to the right discipline necessary for this job?
  • I write down also whatever I’m sure I performed in the right way. Our brain is wired to see negatives right away as self defense, but whatever you did right must be remembered and eventually repeated and improved. Positivity helps the overall state of mind to overcome issues.
  • I try not to find excuses: many times poor performances by artists are due to the fact they are tired. Is not an excuse: first of all you signed for this job knowing how it is, second of all you must have extreme discipline (which might have a backlash on your social life sometimes) in order to plan everything ahead and give yourself TIME TO REST!
  • I try to find examples from people who did better. I’m not saying that you only have to live and work by example, but every other person cal teach you something, not just professionally.

These are my ideas and my takes … from a person who experienced failure many many times 🙂

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As always: love you all!

Ivano Cheers