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Today’s post ain’t focused on the way you write your name obviously but rather on finding your signature pose in photos and your trademark in the show business.

Ivano cheers Blog: find your signature now! 🙂

Today we get a bit more in depth once you get in the show business as a model, or actor or anytime you “showcase” yourself.
ivano cheers signatureThere are plenty of amateur or professional models and/or actors out there and it’s so easy to get lost in the vortex so called the circle of anonymous models.
The point here is that if you want to create a brand around you, especially in the very beginning, being prepared, comfortable in front of the camera and eventually good looking and/or charming is just not enough to stand out.

What do you need then?

You need to work on some stronger points of you (such us a body part, or a particular pose or a facial expression or a quality you have) which they will become your real signature, something that makes you unique.
Let me give you few examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger for sure wasn’t recognizable right out the get go for his acting skill or for his fluent English … but he had something no one else had back on time in the silver screen: a huge (the biggest) amount of muscles and physicality. The physique of the former Governator has always been his trademark, especially back on time (nowadays almost all the action movie actors are basically bodybuilders). His body opened the doors of Hollywood to Arnold and the rest is history.

If you check any red carpet, any premiere, any event: you will see that every single celebrity (in the moment of posing for the photographers) will freeze in their signature pose which probably has been practiced and corrected throughout the years.

Many other actors or models have in the eyes their signature, or a particular expression (think about the goofy face of Jim Carrey )

Ivano: how do I find my signature?

Hard to tell with extreme confidence: most likely should be something that comes natural and/or naturally stands out. Perhaps you have it already but you don’t know it … often is your audience the best judge: look on your social profiles your photos or videos with the best engagement, check the feedback of your public when they react to certain expressions or movements and when you think you found your signature just keep on practice and improve it.

Don’t push it too much …

As everything your signature is something that must be used yes, but with some levels of moderation. Is never too good to be typecasted or to be  victim of your own skills. Is good to be recognized or to be casted because of your signature, but too much is always too much and the audience normally get bored easily … so don’t exaggerate.

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