Gigs are over! Thank you all

As I write this post all the planned gigs and trips within Europe are over, now few days of chilling and then back to Curacao and to the States.

I’ve been working in these 3-4 weeks with very different and nice crews, I’ve been doing shootings, events, screenings and commercials and everything went fine.
I left every place with the promise to come back because I really enjoyed the work, the process and every single place I’ve been not to mention the people I’ve been working with.

The main gig in Bucharest has been incredibly professional and awesome for the good vibe and the professionalism of the crew I’ve been working with: great experience and for sure I’ll be back to work with you guys.
Every place I’ve been working within Europe has been a blast, I have only good memories (and plenty plenty of very good quality material that you will see soon) of Barcelona, Italy, Romania, Holland … I really must thanks everybody.
Haven’t been a pleasure cruise because traveling so much, for so long time: keeping shape and diet, condition and strength despite the lack of sleep … let’s say it tested me to the limit but I managed it and I can’t complain with the overall outcome.

You’ll see soon many new photos, contents and results of this tour in Europe. Beside one day (last Wednesday because I was really hopping from airport to airport) I managed to keep up with posts, contents and live feedback so I’m quite happy about that.
From now on I’ll come back to post with regularity plus I have much material to showcase.

Stay tuned then here on my website, on my Ivano Cheers Instagram Profile and also on my Ivano Cheers Official Facebook page for news and new material.

Thank you Thank you thank you to all of you

Love you all

See you soon

Ivano Cheers