Going to Turin (Italy)

My roaming around Europe just keep on going and as today June the 13th I’m going to Turin, historical city in the north of Italy former capital of Italy.

I’ll stay a couple of working days in Turin to shoot with a very talented photographer: Mr.Nicolo’ Leone.
To be precise there will be two different photoshoot sessions and a video recording.
The first photoshoot will be casual/elegant in a very beautiful location of the city while the second shoot will be more fitness related with the contrast history/sport.
On top of everything there will be a video operator who will record all the highlights of the shooting days.
There will be also someone with me ready to record some behind the scenes footage.
In other words, beside the sponsored photos and the ones with copyright, there will be plenty of good quality contents to be published soon on this website and especially on my Instagram Official profile not to mention of course my Facebook Page.
I remind you that as quick as I get back from Turin I have to pack again to fly to Romania (Bucharest) for plenty of very important gigs.

Thank you as always for your love, I really appreciate it because these days of hard work, traveling and focus are very tiring and hectic and all of you always make me feel better and stronger.

Stay tuned for new updates and great contents

With love

Ivano Cheers