How to prepare for a photoshoot

Despite the fact that the majority of the people think that in a photoshoot is enough standing in front of the camera and smiling … well … I think they are very wrong.First and foremost we need to be sure we are talking about models for a photoshoot or eventually a small video recording, not runway models who they need a totally different preparation (which I don’t know anything about).
Then we need to make another distinction: whether you book your own photoshoot (for any reason) or if you are booked for the photoshoot (which most likely is going to be paid).
With that being said let’s start with the basic rules.
During a photoshoot the photographer takes plenty of photos (takes) and most likely he also will direct the shooting (telling you what pose you have to take, what facial expression you need to show … ) and most of the times you’ll be asked to smile at least once … so: be sure your teeth are very white and outstanding. Even if you have perfect teeth you must whiten your teeth every day at least one week prior the photoshoot: you don’t have to go every day to a dentist or to a professional service but you can use strips, OTC whiten teeth products … just be sure your teeth are at the whitest.

Be sure than not only your smile is on point but your entire face/head: if you dye your hair touch up the regrowth one or two days before the shoot.
Don’t pick your face … leave alone eventual pimples or little scabs … let the makeup artist do the magics.
Speaking of which if you have booked the photoshoot is always good to have someone who’s able to put makeup on your face and who can assist you at any time when you change, or for any need.

About your body: if you are a woman wax or shaving is mandatory. Waxing should be done few days before while shaving the night before. This is valid also for men unless one of the requirements of the photoshoot is a hairy body or face.
If you are a fitness model chances are that you must shave and some extra tan can be only good. More over if you are shooting for something fitness related be sure to have some gears to get pumped up, to look at your best in front of the camera.

Let’s talk about your outfit: if you book the photoshoot bring with you at least 4-5 different outfits … you may differentiate the styles, the colors … it all depends from the purpose of the shooting. If you’re booked instead  they should provide you with the right outfit, yet be sure to discuss upfront about that (unless you’re not shooting for a clothing line)
If you normally have rings (also a wedding ring), necklaces, bracelet … get rid of them: period.
If you booked the photoshoot for yourself be sure to speak about what you want with the photographer: explain him/her what you want, where you want it, why you want it … show some examples or mood shots and listen also to his ideas and his directions.

If you are at your first photoshoot practice the poses that you want or that the people who booked you want, every moment you can just stand in front of the mirror and practice.

These are my 10 cents about the basics to prepare yourself for a photoshoot. If you want to know more or if you have questions you are free to DM me on my Instagram profile or comment on the relative post on my Facebook official page (all the comments are under moderation)

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