How to respond to Casting Calls

Whenever there is a casting call the casting directors have to select perhaps one single person out of hundreds of candidates.

Ivano Cheers Blog: how to respond to casting calls

ivano cheers cellAs we said for every big casting calls, whether you are good or not for the role, the chances to be picked are quite low and that’s pure statistic.
If you consider that the first selection is normally filtered between thousands of head-shots there are good chances that you may pass under the radars or just trashed.

There are several way to answer a casting call and most of them require time consuming, therefore (if you can) the best way to break into the show business is to hire an agent who can do the heavy lifts for you and let yourself free to be ready, to be prepared and to study to get an eventual part.

However not everybody can afford an agent and/or not all the agents might accept you and here there are some advises that might improve the chances to stand out from the crowd.

Submitting to roles: what to do.

First and foremost be always humble and accept always failure. I will write a post dedicated on this topic but just be respectful of the casting directors decisions and carry on. That being said:

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Ivano Cheers YouTube
How to get ready for an audition – Respond to casting calls the right way – Video

When you respond to a casting call for a role you always should:

Take the necessary time: don’t rush it! Don’t send semi-blank emails with just your photos attached. Don’t be obvious and think outside the box but don’t exaggerate: when you present yourself you can derail a bit from the formal protocols but be always kind and respectful. Avoid to use mail templates that will just add you to the rest of the average crowd. Be always somehow creative.

Be sure about the project you try to apply: read very well the content of the call, if necessary ask questions to the casting directors: is not rude, it’s a way to avoid to put yourself into a project you don’t fit in and eventually you will quit later on. So be wise when you submit a role, don’t just send out emails and photos hoping to fish blindly. Make a selection and the conversion rate to an eventual success will eventually improve.

Acting resume: be sure that your acting resume (if any) is well defined and is not just part of the professional resume. The two resumes must be stand alone.

Pick accurately the pictures: send just selected photos that are good for the profile they are looking for. If nothing is really matching better to take few more shots or avoid to apply at all. More over the pictures must be recent, don’t send pictures of the younger yourself.

No procrastination: I know, I said to take your time, that doesn’t mean you have to take too long! It is a matter of fact that the sooner you apply (correctly) the more are the chances so … don’t miss the chance!

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