In Europe: getting shredded as never before

Ivano Cheers blog: getting ripped like never before … at 43!

Hi Everybody! First thing first: I’m in Europe and I will stay here for a long while. Since several fitness shooting are ahead (such us the FitDisc promotion) I will talk about how I’m going to get as ripped as I ever been at the age of 43.

ivano cheers ripped

The picture above is a very recent picture of me training and very close to my goal:
when you are so low in body-fat percentage everything from your body pops out, your skin is paper thin and you may look way bigger and conditioned than you really are. How did I get there by the age of 43?

First of all a little disclaimer: everyone is different, everyone has different genetics, everyone reacts to food and exercises in a different way.

I try to stay quite in a good condition year around so the preparation for a shooting or for a particular look is way shorter and, in a sense, painless.

The Keys: muscles retaining and water manipulation.

I’d like to remind you not to improvise when it comes to nutrition and even worse water manipulation, so ask always your doctor or nutritionist first, not just your “personal trainer”.

The classic paper thin skin gets better every time you diet down, unless your genetics are freakish is quite hard to obtain a super thin skin at the first try. Starting to the point that you are losing fat and you carry low fat in your body the keys of looking peeled and diced are two: muscle retaining and water manipulation. When you look dry you look harder and denser, when you are lean you look bigger even if you’re lighter because your muscle pops a you are more vascular.

To keep the muscle there while losing fat I didn’t re-invent the wheel: keep training as hard as you can, be constant in your diet which must be tweaked on a weekly base, stay very hydrated and eat plenty of good proteins from whole food. The muscles are made 70% of water so you must stay hydrated and then cut only the water in the last 24h between skin and muscle.

Right: because what I do prior a gig where I have to look extremely peeled is loading water the week before as much as possible while lowing my carbs and then cut the water (not completely) while reloading my glycogen by eating plenty of carbs. Again: remember that I’m quite lean year around, that I train since 25 years ago and that I know how my body reacts.

I normally have cheat meals quite often (cheat meals not cheat days) where I eat also sweets and junk, they kick start my body avoiding me to plateau, but I do it ONLY when I really need it.

For people who can’t control their craving, who don’t know enough how to do it I rather suggest the advise of a professional coach.

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Thanks as always for your attention

Love you all

Ivano Cheers