Is it necessary to workout in my job?

Let’s start by saying that a certain level of workout and/or physical activity should be always necessary for a healthy lifestyle regardless!

That being said, being very generic, the answer is no: most of the times is not necessary but we must consider many things together and then this answer might change completely at the end of this post.

Ivano Cheers: workout

Talking about my own experience working out is quite necessary because I’ve been often casted in roles where I require some sort of physicality and because my modeling career start mostly as a fitness model, so I had to be in shape most of the times.

ivano cheers cartelObviously you can be a great actor or a very good looking model without showing your abs or your big chest or biceps: I don’t think that Woody Allen needs to proof to be an athlete as well as actors like Schwarzenegger, or Stallone or Vin Diesel begun their career just because they were brick houses.
In other words for the acting (and also the modeling) side being super fit and muscular is not necessarily mandatory … yet an unfit person can’t be casted for an action movie where you have to show your physique … whether instead a physically built actor can cover (if he can act well) any role.
The same principle can apply to modeling, although we must say that is quite rare to see models totally out of shape, they might be skinny, they might be flat … yet it’s hard to see them obese or fat, also because the majority of the clothing lines fits better on fit bodies.
Let’s not forget that physical exercise is also part of the training for any kind of actor, especially stage actors because they have to handle hours and hours of rehearsals often in the heat of the scene’s lights.

ivano cheers boxerLet’s bare in mind also that the general trend nowadays is to see muscular people on the silver screen and on the photos: action movies and super-hero movies are always more popular, the fitness community is at its pinnacle of popularity .. even the movie action figures for sale are more muscular than 10-20 years ago!
Personally speaking I’ve been working out since I was 14 and I almost never left the gym for more than a month, I consider myself a fitness junkie and to me working out is a passion before being a necessary part of my work. This obviously led me to be typecasted in a more physical roles rather than intellectual or skinny roles (also for my acting limitations, let’s be honest).

Final considerations

Bottom line here is that if you want to get into the world of acting or modeling you don’t have necessarily workout year around, but it is strictly advised for many reason: general health, overall condition and for the possibility to cover more types of roles.

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