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The newsletter of Ivano Cheers is available for subscription for everyone. After a little period of beta testing (and thank you very much to the many of you who subscribed already in that time frame) the newsletter is up and running and completely functional.

Why should I subscribe the Ivano Cheers Newsletter?

There are many reasons to subscribe to the newsletter of Ivano Cheers:

– First and foremost you’ll be always notified of the news, posts and gigs of Ivano Cheers.

– Second of all we are going to do several giveaways (thanks to my sponsors) from now on: if you’re one of the subscribers you’re not just automatically admitted but you will get a sort of “priority lane”.

– BEST REASON OF ALL: one of the subscribers will get a free pass to be on stage while the production of the coming movie/production with Ivano Cheers: flight and accommodation included

– Last but not least the newsletter is not invasive at all and you can opt-out at any given moment.

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