June European Trip

If something definitely can’t be defined boring about this work is the fact that I travel a lot. The down side of traveling in my world is that I most likely see airports, hotel rooms and studios.The most difficult part of a long trip with different gigs and lay overs however is to keep the condition all the time till the day I return: it’s hard to stick to the diet while traveling, it’s hard to train properly while traveling, it’s hard to peak when you fly often and the list is never ending. Regardless there are some tricks that might help you to keep your condition and it will be a good topic for a new post to come.

The 4th of June I will fly all the way to to Europe and I will be in several different countries attending shootings, events, meetings and parties and obviously taking different internal flights to reach all the sites where I need to be.
Of course the shooting that requires a better physique is the last one so I really need to stay on top of my diet and training throughout all the trip.

The dates are indicative since sometimes everything can change the last minute – the month in consideration in June:
5th to 10th: Spain (Barcelona)
11th to 15th: Italy (Turin)
16th to 20th: Romania (Bucharest)
21st to 22nd: U.K. (London)
23rd to 27th: Holland (Amsterdam)

Since there are some time slots free if you are interested in booking or info for eventual shooting, hosting events and/or gigs kindly mail us here:
We will read and answer to every serious email and we will consider any potential request.
Few updates: from now to the time of the trip I might close an important contract with a new sponsorship so please stay tuned because this can happen potentially any day from now.
Please keep supporting the LLS© to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma, more accurate information in my LLS© post.

Don’t forget to mail me for any contact, info or request of gig.

Thanks for your support, as ALWAYS

Love you all.