Next step: Barcelona!

Barcelona here I come! As promised I’m trying to keep you up to date to everything I’m doing here in Europe and it is time to go to Barcelona.

In this precise moment (right after I wrote this post which you probably ready while I’m flying) I’m in Italy trying all the clothes for Barcelona where I will fly tomorrow. I’ve got a private event to attend (White dressing code!!!), a fashion event and a public event.
So far I’m keeping my condition quite well, I’m not training too hard because Jet-Lag hit me hard and I rather rest than risk some injury.
Right because immediately after Barcelona I’ll fly to Turin for a two days of shooting one of which I must be in top condition … and after Turin Bucharest!
Summit up today has been spent by trying the clothes, suits and shoes for the coming Spanish events, as I get back I will repeat for the next events and so on so forth till the end of the tour.
There are good chances that I hit a training just before flying to avoid as much as I a can to accumulate extra fluids and to be sure I get over there in top fit condition.

I’ll probably leak on my social some photos with the clothes on … or maybe not! Stay tuned to see what happens!

Thanks a lot for keep supporting me, as I said I try my best to keep you posted despite the hectic schedule.

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Love you all

Stay tuned

Ivano Cheers