No Monday post … wait: it’s Monday!

Probably reading the title of this post you’re thinking I’m going crazy and that Barcelona burned the last neuron of my brain. As a matter of fact this might be true, yet I just wanna give you a very quick update on my European trip.

Right now I’m literally writing this post waiting on the airplane: as you may or may not know I’ve been in Barcelona and I had really good time but now is time to fly to Italy because between Wednesday and Friday I will have in Turin two photoshoots and one video recording.
In Spain has been quite hard to stay on top of the diet, I had little to no sleep and I almost didn’t train at all, yet I managed to get in damage control mode and I didn’t kill my body. I’ll use the two days before shooting day in italy to reload with food, to re-pump my body with some good isolation training and to get some good quality rest.
After Turin I’ll be off to Bucharest (Romania) for probably the most important gig (work-wise) of this trip and from there I’ll go to The Netherlands.
Sorry for the little amount of contents of these posts but the schedule is very tight and busy.
In case I’ll miss some posts in the coming weeks (normally I post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – same on my socials: Ivano Cheers Instagram and Ivano Cheers Facebook page) I will compensate soon with very high quality photos and video contents taken from the gigs of this trip.

Thanks as always for your support
Thanks to all the places and restaurants that reached me out on Instagram while I was in Barcelona: unfortunately I couldn’t visit you all but I really appreciate it.

Other updates are coming soon

Love you all

Ivano C.