Online acting courses: do they work?

In this article we focus a bit more on the several courses online for aspiring actors and how to choose the right one.

Online acting courses: my take on them

Many people love them, many others say that they are useless: when they ask me if online acting courses are worthy I answer with just one word: YES.

Actually I’m referring to the very good online courses and, unfortunately, many courses are not up to the task.

Why am I confident that online courses work?

Well, if you ask any important actor the way to improve your acting skills they will most likely always answer you with just two things:

– Increase your knowledge

– Keep practicing

Gaining knowledge can be done in several different ways: an acting book, mentors. masterclasses, any font of media such us YouTube or acting courses, no matter if online or offline. Knowledge doesn’t have to be necessarily academic by the way!

The practice is fundamental: what makes a big difference between actors is the level of experience. They say that one needs at least 10000 hours of practice on top of courses to be ready to the basics of acting.
Now: practice can be done regardless if you’ve been studying online or not; what you need eventually is someone who can give you a real feedback on your practice since we are unable to be judges of ourselves.

As a matter of fact some online courses give you the chance to send your feedback, to communicate with your tutors, to exchange valuable valuations.

Obviously a good online course needs to have very good tutors, needs to be very well structured and at the end needs to be able to check your feedback and valuate your progresses.

Final thoughts

I’ve been personally taking several online classes by now and I’m sure (given for granted that the course is good) it is a legitimate way to learn acting; JUST you can’t do it in complete isolation. Use the online courses to get knowledge and put everything you learn in practice and you’ll see results. Remember that even the best actors in the world they keep practicing: it’s a never ending process!

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