Recovering from a long tour?

All the latest posts on the Ivano Cheers Blog or on my Instagram Profile and even Facebook page were related to my working trip to Europe.

If you’ve been following me lately you know already that I’ve been across Spain, Italy, Romania, Holland and again Italy to host events, photoshoots, screening and movie and commercial shootings. Right now I’m still in Europe (Italy) but just to relax a bit, visiting some family members and soon I’ll be back to the side of the world where I belong to 🙂

But do I really need to recover from something?

Well … yes and no! Let’s say that the preparation for this “tour” has been very meticulous and took my studies, my body and my diet close to the limit but I must say I really enjoyed every single step of the process.
On the other hand the touring itself, roaming around for Europe minding diet, training, pose exercising, keeping contacts, flying … has been quite hard in terms of lack of sleep and intensity of work. I must say this is just a consideration: no complains because I worked with really great people, outstanding crews and even the more difficult gigs turned out to be quite easy thanks to the environment created around the event.

So what I’ll do now in these few days before going back oversea is just relaxing a bit more, trying to enjoy my time without any stress, training and eating more for pleasure than for the purpose of training and feeding myself and then flying back to my own country.

Once there plenty of new projects and new things will happen soon so I’m exited to start new adventures. Everything I’ve done in Europe will leak slowly but surely on my site, socials and probably other production sites so be sure you won’t miss a content.

Thanks a lot for the support: without you I’d be nothing at all.

Love you All

Ivano Cheers