The 10 rules of acting

This article lists the fundamental ten rules in acting world and show business. I didn’t make this list up but it’s a staple in our environment.

Just 10 rules for being an actor?

Absolutely not! Actually I consider first of all this list as a reminder of everything that need to be done the right way, regardless. More over these rules are just the pin points to respect to be sure you’re doing well in whatever you are doing.

Ten Rules of Acting

1. Train and practice. No matter where you are at, no matter what you achieved already, no matter how famous you are: you must keep training yourself. Be committed, keep improving and look forward: always.

2. Timing. You’ve got to be the early bird that catches the worm: you can’t just be on time, you have to be ALWAYS slightly early to auditions, appointments, rehearsals and anything planned.

3. Be always kind and polite. Always be respectful of your colleagues, crews, co-workers and such. Kindness always pays off and be positive toward everybody.

4. No excuses. Don’t make up excuses, even if reasonable there are no excuses at all. Accept failures and carry on.

5. Cast away your personal issues. If you have problems in your personal life they can’t get into your work, they will compromise the final outcome. So if you have personal issues and you decide to work anyway then better cut them off and unplug them.

6. Take risks. This is important especially at the beginning of your career. Who takes the bigger risk might win the bigger pot. Just don’t exaggerate!

7. Accept critiques. Even if they bother you and if it is hard to face them … accept always the critiques and try to make them constructive to improve your skill.

8. Listen carefully. Don’t distract yourself, be focused and listen always the people around you in your work environment.

9. Stand out. Is not the most beautiful or the most talented that always will be picked. Create intrigue when you show your head-shots or your reels, you will magnetize the general interest.

10. Experience. Don’t just wait for experience to come but try to make as much experiences as possible. Force it!

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