What I love and what I don’t like of my job

Before I start with this article I want to say something very important in order not to be misunderstood: my job is great and is way less hard than people who work around the clock, literally killing themselves for a minimal wage. So when I say there is something I don’t like I don’t want to look mean or with an attitude to anybody. After I published the article “A typical day of my life” I’ve been literally drowning with questions on the Ivano Cheers Instagram Profile, Direct Messages, even Facebook questions and comments (doesn’t happen this often) and especially emails asking me  if I like that kind of lifestyle.
Probably most of the people knowing what I do for living and where I live they were thinking my life was all about chilling and parties but clearly there is much more than meets the eye.
Several questions were quite the same, I quote: “Do you like all the aspects of your job?”
I’d be lying if I tell you I like everything.
I LOVE my job, I wake up every morning motivated to start a new day and at the moment I’d never switch it with another job, but like in every working environment there are pros and cons.
The work itself is great: I don’t mind to wake up early in the morning, I don’t mind to workout beyond the limit because I have to hit a certain physique for a part; I love the preparation of a role, whether I’m stunting or acting (even for a commercial) as well as I like to prepare myself for any kind of photoshoot. This means I love studying, not just my parts but also studying other people, I love improving myself day by day and especially after the preparation there is the delivery: I like to be on set, the madness behind even a small scene, I like to be on the spot for a photoshoot and so on so forth.

But let’s not forget one very important thing: once you’re done with shooting most of the time you have to be part of the promotion of whatever you were shooting for: this means public appearances, social shoutouts,  events, sponsors and the list goes on and on.

Ivano Cheers Tele CuracaoNow please: don’t get me wrong – there is nothing bad in these things and I don’t dislike them. But believe it or not I’m a very shy guy and reserved by nature so I just might not be that comfortable in being interviewed, or be part of a show, or, generally speaking, being in the middle of the attention.
Again: not a big deal, is part of my job and I do everything with passion, yet, if I have to tell you something is less pleasant for me while working  it would be the promotional part.
Obviously it is something I still do and I still do it with absolutely no problem at all, also because, as I always told you, we need always to have our smile on to get in a better state of mind.

Thanks again for all your positive reactions: I feel blessed

Love you all



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