What if you lack motivation?

In this post of the Ivano Cheers Blog we are going to analyze the moments when you feel overwhelmed and when your motivations are low.

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What if You Lack Motivation in Show Business

Where are you at?

This is a very important question you should ask to yourself if you are feeling down, if you don’t have enough motivation, if you are on the verge or burnout.

If you are a beginner, if you just started … perhaps is better you think twice about what you wanna do: I know it sounds harsh, but this world ain’t easy as it might seem from the outside: schedules are tough, starting is never easy, statistically failure is always more present than success and the list goes on.

If you are at the beginning and your mind and body aren’t sound, better avoid to start or, at least, to wait for better moments. If you are still at the beginning, you already started and you get stressed because of the discipline that this job requires and eventually the lack of results … than you better quit for good … because this level of stress is nothing compared with what is yet to come!

If you are already  working in this industry for many years and you feel you just have a hiccup … well this is perfectly normal and, let me say, human; as I said before the level of stress in this industry can be very high therefore sooner or later your motivation is going to wonder whether or not is worth it.

How to deal with it?

ivano cheersWell, I’m not a psychologist so I can’t really tell you what to do or what not to do: it really changes from subject to subject and from cause to cause.
I had experienced once this feeling, it kicked me hard: I couldn’t stay focused because I didn’t know anymore if I could believe in what I was doing: on top of that I had health problems and family issues … bottom line to me the best solution was to take a break from everything. I don’t know if you follow me or not from long time but sort of one year ago I decided to take a break: from my work, from my socials and even from my daily life, I took off and spent some time with my family and childhood friends, I’ve been literately unplugged from my working environment. I’m honest: I came to the point I wanted to quit but then … I just needed to find myself back and recharge my batteries  and in a blink of eye I was back on track.

Now bare in mind: this worked for me but I found that relaxing, laying back, getting back to where you started … always helped me to find lost motivations.

So: if you read all the way here means you’ve been reading the whole article and I really appreciate that.

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