Why I didn’t do Body Building?

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening depending where you are and welcome to another post of my own blog. This time the article is more personal and less informative if you will.
Let’s start to say that, regardless my job, I’ve been working out for passion since I was 16 and I’d say that even if I don’t have to do it for work I like to stay and feel fit and working out.
Passion aside I must say that Body Building and my job (and when I say Body Building I mean competitive Body Building) have a lot in common because, whether I have to play in a specific commercial, or to play a part in a movie or to have a fitness photoshoot or I do body-doubling  I must deliver a certain body-package that is requested by the role and this body package is built by working out, diet and rest planning ahead the shooting day to be the peaking day for your body.
The same happens in competitive Body Building where you build your physique to peak the day of the show. In common we have then the preparation planning, the workout part, the dieting and most likely the mind set.
Why then didn’t I choose to do Body Building on a competitive level?
The reasons are plenty. There was a time in my life where I have even been thinking to do a competition but wasn’t really the right time. And if even now I change my mind there will be no chances to compete since I’m getting way to old to completely transform my body.
The very first reason is the most common: genetics. Although throughout the years I build the body I have today  my genetics are not good enough to be part of a serious competition.

My upper body is generally very dominant (chest and back) if compared with my limbs especially my legs. To keep up my legs and arms with the rest of my body I have to train them twice as much than the other parts or they will literally melt. This is probably due to the fact that when I was a teenager I did a lot of swimming, track’n field and running which they built a dense muscle in my limbs but difficult if you have to gain size, and to be a body builder you need a lot of size!
Another reason is my birth date: back in time when I was young there was no internet and was quite hard to find the info you need to pack size or to diet. Is not just about the training: is about training, diet and rest and at the time I couldn’t afford to pay all the necessary meat and chicken I needed to pack size. Supplements were also nowhere to be found and if you could find them were very expensive. Again Consider I was a teenager.
Another reason: I have a very thin skeleton and bones … now: this might be a good thing because your muscle can pop out more when you have small joints but still is hard to pack size and weight. I think the heaviest I ever been was when I was doing the body-double of big guys and I tipped 220lb on the scale (I’m 6 feet tall) and I felt horrible.

Another very good reason is that I started to work very early so I had my source of income already and I just tried to get better in that to make this income bigger: in the bodybuilding scene is hard to make money until you are on a certain level and the process to get there (if you get there) is very expensive because giant quantities of food and supplements are money to be spent.

For sure the biggest similarity is that when we are at the gym we are working and not just enjoying the time, so the focus is sky high.

It happens that I know few pro bodybuilders and they really put their whole lives in their sport as well as I put all myself in my job: so I couldn’t do both, even if in some points we cross over.

Thank you for your attention and your interest in my work.

I must thanks in particular all the people from Curacao (the place where I live) that are always so nice and kind with me.

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Thank you all

Ivano C.


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