2019 – Ivano Cheers New Year Resolutions

Year 2018 has been for me a very busy year, work-wise, health-wise and on the personal point of view. Regardless all the ups and downs of 2018 this year that we are leaving behind has been unforgettable.

A lot of projects went well in 2018, my social presence exploded thanks to all my beloved follower of the Ivano Cheers Official Instagram profile, I’ve done so many photoshoots and many commercials, I managed to achieve my comeback after a potentially career ending injury and overall I’m happy for everything I learned and for some changes in my personal life. Many of you will wonder about the Bond 25 situation, but I’ll touch this subject later on in this post. Now is time to talk about 2019!

2019: Ivano Cheers no more?

Well, is long time that is in the air that I want to retire from public life and perhaps 2019 will be the year where I will start to work toward this goal. Talking about public life let me mention and thanks the website Famous Birthdays for listing me and even dedicating me a whole page: Ivano Cheers at FamousBirthdays.com – Thanks one more time!

Ivano Cheers Personal Projects

As many of you know already I live in Curacao where I prepare and I study to deliver whatever performance I need to deliver (and wherever). In 2019 I will probably spend less time in Curacao and be back to Europe more often: I’m having in mind some different projects which require my presence elsewhere and my family (still living oversea) needs me at the moment. Not to mention that many things lately have been changed in my personal life. This doesn’t mean that I will leave CURACAO where my home is!

Ivano Cheers professional life in 2019

The stunt part of my work will be probably closed for good: i just turned 43 and I don’t want to risk too much anymore, not to mention that my body needs rest. I’ll keep going with modeling, acting and fitness till they will fate off into retirement 🙂

I’ve been casted for few parts, I will fulfill my contracts and I will co-produce a short movie myself.

Since everyone of you is already asking … here is the Bond 25 situation.


At the moment not much can be said, I’ll dedicate a whole post to this matter as quick as I can. All I can say is that after pre-production director and co-writer Danny Boyle have been removed from the project and director Cary Joji Fukunaga took over the project along with his new crew. The non official release of the movie will be in 2020 but nobody can tell yet. My involvement? We will see…

Regardless I wish you all a great 2019, thanks as always for your love and for your feedback.

With love

Ivano Cheers