Welcome to my own Online Coaching page

Hi everybody. As you may or may not know I also coach people to improve their physique, to prepare contests or photo-shoots, to change their body in order to score a part or a gig or just to look or feel better. Since I follow my clients on a daily base with custom training programs and nutritional programs I just coach a small selected amount of people at the same time.


Kindly reach me out directly with the following form telling me what you need and what your goals are and I will personally contact you back ASAP to discuss about all the possibilities.

Or send an email to booking@ivanocheers.com with the subject “Online Coaching”

Online Coaching Testimonials

online coaching vegan
Diana: Fitness Shooting – Vegan
online coaching photoshoot
Mark: Fitness Model – Peaking
online coaching weight loss
Adriana: weight loss
online coaching physique
Paul: weight loss + physique competition