When everything is black and white …

The career of an artist is always going up and down and in the most of the cases the higher you get the harder you might fall…

I can see already many of you telling me: “Thanks for your positivity!!” … actually I don’t want to carry out a negative discussion, I just want to report how an average career can be and how to cope with dark moments.

Ivano Cheers: What if everything looks gray?

ivano cheersThe majority of the times I keep very separate my personal life (so called by myself “Just Ivano”) an my professional life as Ivano Cheers .

However in this case I believe the Just Ivano life and the life of Ivano Cheers are both involved if you know what I mean.

What I’m trying to tell you is that in this specific article we talk more about professional life yet many times the two paths are crossing and what is well worth it in you artistic career can be applied also in your day to day life. As I said before nothing in life can be always going well. You might have extremely positive moments alternating with very low moments as well as you can score a nice row of great gigs and then find yourself idle for weeks.
My own way to react to this “pendulum effect” is to be always very objective: nobody is perfect and nobody can deliver perfection. If your gig has been successful I just don’t get too excited and I’m still trying to improve whatever of wrong I did.
If a gig has been terrible I’m not going to kill myself either and I start right away to analyze what I did wrong and what I can improve.

This imply to leave off the picture any kind of emotion or attachment to a particular gig: be strictly professional and objective and act as if you were emotionally attached: we are actors after all!

In life the same: when Ivano achieves something I don’t get too excited, I don’t throw parties as well as something goes wrong I won’t cry the whole night!

Accepting failures and understanding success to me is the key!

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Love you all

Ivano Cheers