Johnny Blue Eyes

Johnny Blue Eyes, or more simply “Johnny”, is a fictional character of the movie (in production) Sail Away Sweet Sister.
Johnny is a former fighter who gave up his career to join the drug cartel. The real good nature of the character is in constant contrast with his figure and his rising role in the cartel’s leadership. Johnny Blue Eyes is played by Ivano who said about the character:
“Johnny is a lost baby in a warrior’s armor, all his internal conflicts make him weak and vulnerable yet always aware of the situation around him. I personally don’t see anything of myself in Johnny but I must admit somehow somewhere there is a connection….”

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Curiosity about Johnny

– In the first draft of the script the character of Johnny Blue Eyes was called instead “Johnny Green Eyes”: not a case that Ivano has been cast having green eyes. Later in development the color of the eyes have been changed from green to blue to better match the character of Johnny’s brother, and contact lenses went on top of the shopping list …
– Ivano to play the role of the older Johnny (the one who’s leading the cartel) had to lose 30 pounds while keeping a toned physique. Later on he had to gain back 35 lean pounds to play the fighting parts of a younger Johnny.
– Initially Johnny was a side character but became a leading role later in production, adding more than 30mins of screen time against the original 10mins.
– For Ivano the hardest challenge to play the role was not the physical preparation but … the voice coaching! In fact he had to learn to speak with a lower than normal pitch and an overall fulfilling voice.

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