A normal day in my life … part 2

This is the second chapter of “a normal day in my life”: if you haven’t read it yet check first the part one of this article … here we go!

Ivano Cheers: a classic day of my life PART 2

Ivano Cheers posing in TurinWe left part one with me doing video conferences and similar stuff within 15:00.

After that I take normally just (and really no more … sometimes I have to skip it) 20-30 mins of complete relax: whether I lay down, or I stay a bit in the pool I just need to take a break for a moment: physical and mental.
I tried in the past to do meditation but it just doesn’t work with me.30 mins are enough for me to recharge a bit the battery and get ready for another meal which is normally slightly lighter than the other meals.
At 4:00pm I normally have 3 times a week acting classes, or voice coaching or stage classes.
If I don’t have any class I fill this time to study my lines or to train posing and facial expression if a photoshoot is approaching.
Then at 17:30 I have another 30mins of cardio session or, after I broke my back, stretching and/or massage therapy.

This time frame used to be dedicated to stunts training … no I can’t say it is no more, but I’m getting always less involved in stunts since I’m not getting any younger 🙂

Despite what kind of training session I have, afterwards is time for another meal this time quite big (I eat a lot but I also burn a lot of calories … believe me). As the meal time is over around 1830-1900 is time to sit in front of the computer again (often along the side my agent) to: write articles that afterwards you will read on this blog, select photos, pictures and such for any needs (socials included) and write external articles that often sponsors and cooperators will publish on their own sites/blogs. Something that very often may happen (at any possible time, depending where the other side lives) is to be guest in podcast or Skype interviews: I try always to fix these quick things this time around.
It is already later than 8:00pm and it is time for another (the last) meal: which I can either eat at home just before “dog playtime”, or else I can have dinner out eventually with some friends. Here in Curacao I can find restaurants that I know can suit my diet perfectly.

ivano cheers and friendAnyhow before bed time, which is often very early, I always spend time with Pam (my dog) playing or having fun together.

I know what you are thinking: I am socially awkward because I actually have no social life! Maybe I am because my job in the end is a lifestyle too, but eventually I try to go out at least once per week and I have anyway plenty of good friends plus I don’t have to proof my friendship joining them clubbing or partying every single night. That’s not what friendship is about, isn’t it?
This despite the fact that I live basically on a party island 😀

So that’s it: this is one normal (call it boring if you will) day in my life … no more no less than that.

Believe me it took me a lot to write these two installments article … I’m not the kind of person who likes to be exposed … maybe I chose the wrong profession 😉 but I did it because you asked me and you guys are and always will be the most valuable asset of my job.

Thanks everybody for your engagement on the Ivano Cheers Instagram profile and to all the people who joined the Ivano Cheers Official Facebook page.

Big hug to everyone of you

Love you all

Ivano Cheers