Back To Europe – What if you hit the wall

I made it! After a (very) long flight I’m back to Europe for a while where I can get back my little buddy (my dog), I have few gigs to do and some general check ups.Speaking of which if you want to contact me or organize some extra gigs just contact me and my entourage to

Considering I will check my back and I have to put my physique once again to the test what a better occasion to face a small, yet important, subject: what to do when you hit the wall? And whether this topic can be extended completely to every single situation of life we just talk about work and strength. My work, despite the fact is a wonderful work and makes me happy, is very demanding: your body is always under pressure and stress, you must prepare yourself physically, mentally, you must study, learn, improve and at the same time manage yourself. Some gig requires you to be big and muscular, others requires you to study lines and to enter in a character: in between you have training, diets and trips: a lot of trips. Bottom line is very easy to hit a wall and stall just there where you are: you can’t afford that this happens. The only way to avoid it (because sooner or later the breakdown is behind the corner) can be found in just one word: motivations!

Motivation can run your life, if you are motivated you don’t feel fatigue, you overtake the stress and will make you successful in everything you do: you can find motivations everywhere. Learn to value the importance of friendship, don’t see something negative as an obstacle but use it to motivate yourself to be a better person, actor, model and so on so forth. Remember that your family can be always close to you, find the security in your life and you will find responsibility and real motivations.

I’ll keep you up to date as much as I can on my European tour, so stay tuned on Ivano Cheers Instagram as well as Ivano Cheers official Facebook page.

Thanks as always: love you all.