Can you look always happy?

Whether you have to play an happy part, or having an happy character in a photoshoot or being in public you can’t just look happy: you must be happy! Well actually everybody knows is impossible to be always happy but you can’t just put a fake smile on your face: you must give the impression of being really happy and trust me … it ain’t the easiest thing in the world especially if in that precise moment you are everything but happy!

Looking happy at work is not just something related to acting or modelling but it involves to a certain degree all kinds of jobs, especially if in contact with other people. Whether you are a waitress or work in a call center or in a shop you should always keep your negativity out of your working space.

Easy to say, way harder to do especially if you must perform: there is no way on earth and hell you can deliver the happiest performance of your life in a movie if inside you are down and sad. Same: what if you have a photoshoot where your smile must be real … a photo stays forever so will be hard for anybody to forget that moment.

Very good actors or models (so we are not talking about me 🙂 ) can really divide their own life from the life on set. More over there are several techniques (without going into the method acting) that are indispensable to learn to achieve the best results when you want and need to hide your mood or your negativity.
The latest acting classes I’m taking are focusing really on concentration, on finding and eventually temporarily changing the state of mind. Some actors and several models use meditation to reach their zone while other people need the support of somebody close to them; there are some famous actors who have mental coaches full time and there are several famous models who can’t just work with some photographers because they just can’t make them reach the right state of mind.

As always at the base of everything what happens at work can easily rely in life. Anger and happiness are just state of mind and often we must learn how to master them, regardless what’s happening in our life. Everybody has his own Hulk inside to make it extreme and we all will feel better if we are able to keep calm the green giant inside us.

Personally (in my very humble opinion) every time I have to look happy I always take few minutes before thinking of what or whom makes me happy. There are very few special people and my little buddy why can just make me feel good … regardless: and this works enough for me.

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