Full day of photo-shoots

Today 29th of March 2018 … what a working day! It seems to me to be back in the good old days when I was super young and time was flying!If you don’t know it yet I’m back to Curacao for a little time and today has been a full day packed with photo-shoots!

Photo-shoots of any kind: clothing, commercial, press-kits, bootlegs … you name it. Clock alarm woke me up at 5am and I carried on till 8pm almost no stop! No gym exercises, no strict diet today: only work work and work.

As you may or may not know 15 months ago I broke my neck and from that moment on I tried to focus more on my shooting/commercial and acting activity rather than pure stunts for obvious health reasons … more over my age is starting to take a toll on me!!! 😀

Soon I’ll publish on my social some of the takes of today. For now: good night everybody!

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