Gaining weight for movies and upcoming trip to Europe

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Let’s proceed to the main topic of this article, shell we? How can actors (and relative doubles) gain and lose weight for the same roles o heavily and accurately?

Without going to talk about masters of this technique (such us Christian Bale for the mechanic or for many other movies he played in) we must consider several points.
The time-line of the final product of the movie is not necessarily the same timeline of the shooting: this allow the actors to prepare at their best to two physical different roles in the same movie.
When I played Johnny Blue Eyes the movie started having me fighting for the heavy weight belt and, while my character started his decline with sport, bad life-style and drugs, he lost all his gains becoming just a memory of the champ he was. In my specific case I had to shoot first the skinny scenes to follow up in a bulking process who took me several months.

But how do we do it?

First and foremost let me tell you something and then I’ll never mention it again. Actors and movie productions have medical team able to follow you in the process 24/7 giving you the right monitoring and the needed “supplements” to build or not to waste muscle: these supplements ain’t really the supps you may find at GNC or at the Vitamine Shoppe.

That being said: whether or not you are, legally, enhanced, the goal to reach is very hard: especially if you have to nail the wanted physique without the help of CGI, special effects or lens trickery.

DIET is the key for everything: you can keep the same training and with the diet you will determine how fast you will lose weight, how fast you will gain muscle and how fast your body will re-comp.

TRAINING is obviously fundamental: without training there is no muscle gain and therefore no bulk and while cutting if you over-training you might experience muscle waste and, even worse: injuries.

SLEEPING: the most underestimated component of the three: your diet might be spot on, your training on point, but with no rest … no results! Ideally to reach a perfect physical role you should only eat, train and sleep … repeat. Try it yourself: let’s say you wanna work harder your glutes to have better “bootie”: have a solid meal and kill your training then go to do your stuff avoiding the sleeping process: on the other hand do the same but take constantly 8 hours of sleep: your bootie will grow like J.Lopez in a blink!

It’s hard work: like everything is not just few hours at the gym but there is a lot of devotion involved because we have deadlines and production costs. And I don;t even wanna start with the cardio!

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