Hardcore Preparation

Hi everybody: this is Ivano typing directly on the blog.

Despite the fact that after all it happened I’m in pretty good shape for the new project Goodie Box and for many other upcoming projects I need to pack a lot of size while keeping a good definition.

Exactly today I’m back to the good old hardcore preparation: the very first one after I broke my neck several months ago.

The goal is packing around 15 pounds of solid muscle while keeping a body fat percentage lower than 8%

I’m talking about the final result of course.

To do so I’m sharing with you my working routing and I break down my diet.



– From Monday till Saturday wake up time at 530am and I have a solid session of empty stomach cardio

– From Monday till Friday I have one heavy training session per day at the gym divided as so:

Day 1: Back and Triceps
Day 2: Chest and Biceps
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Shoulders and Traps
Day 5: Arms

– Once in a while, when I feel like I add a Saturday session where I train for Squat and Deadlift

– Monday and Thursday: stunts training

– Sunday: complete rest beside some stretching

– Every other day I train abs and calves


Without getting in details (I will on my next article on Online Personal Trainer Fitness) (UPDATE: Article ) my diet will consists in quite a lot of calories due to the high volume of the training sessions. About 4000 calories to start with: 40% carbs – 40% proteins – 20% fats divided in 5-6 meals per day with the carbs intake concentrated around the main workouts

Thanks as always for your love and: stay tuned!