How to start from point zero

What if you decide overnight that you want to make a living out of modeling or out of acting or, anyway, to make money based on your look?
First of all: good luck with it 🙂 – just kidding –
First of all we have to break the myth of the sheer beauty and youth to be a model: the movie and the modeling industry is packed with people not necessarily good looking by the books; the movie industry needs all kinds of characters and so does the modeling industry because oversized people, elder people, kids, and why not ugly/funny people have their own niche in the industry; the important is that you have the spark inside that makes you stand out regardless the way you look.

Let’s say you are a young pretty person who wanna break in the fashion, modeling, movie industry: the very first advise I must give you is: DON’T BE A FAME SEEKER. If you just do it to be famous, to be recognized, or because of your narcissism it will hardly work.
Your focus must be first and foremost to hit your goals, to study, to improve and to better yourself in what you do and trust me: is not an easy road … actually is a very bumpy road!
Let’s say you have no money at all but you want to start this career: what’s your first move? Hopefully you know some photographer that can make some good quality shots of you in order to have a couple of different themes for you to start to show your pics around. If you don’t know any professional photographer ask a friend who’s very good in photography and don’t be the judge of yourself, ask around, especially people not really attached to you. Once you have some takes start to subscribe some free model hosting websites and upload your best takes, someone can notice you and you will have a link to your portfolio. If you really don’t know anybody … then you start from under zero but you have the socials that can help you. Instagram is probably the best social network where you can post your takes, your photos. Facebook might be slightly more popular but is way less targeted and full of trolls or non-pro people.

Now: let’s say you really want to pursuit the career of actor/actress or model. Get yourself a job first! No matter what, a part time job, bar tender, whatever that gives you the time to study and send out your portfolio when you are off work. Why? Because initially any gig will bring you almost no money, for sure not enough to live on it and, unfortunately, at the beginning you might not have the luxury to pick a gig or another … you have to go for quantity over quality at least to raise some money and to have more experience.

Don’t stop your studies: whether is acting or modeling you must study: a lot! Is a never ending process.

Don’t get upset when you fail an audition! Statistically you will fail the majority of the auditions no matter if you are the new Edward Norton or the most beautiful woman on Earth. Just keep going.

BE CAREFUL! After a while many people will offer you contracts or weird gigs … this world is full of sharks and money seekers, not to mention scammers and even worse people. Do your homework and always have a background check for the people that are reaching you out.

For the rest: just don’t give up: if it’s really your dream than you can make it come true, just remember it ain’t easy at all! Plus if everybody slam the door on your face along the journey you should also consider that you might not have enough talent or you’re just not ready yet. Be very realistic and grounded, despite the outcome of your work.

Thanks guy! This is the last article before I leave for my European tour. I’ll try my best to keep blogging with posts here and on my socials every other day eventually giving you some updates of the place where I am and some behind the scene photos.

Love you all, have a great weekend!

Ivano Cheers

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