I’m traveling for work: how can I stay in condition?

As you may or may not know as you’re reading this post I’m probably flying oversea for a month long tour of gigs and appointments across several countries of Europe.

The first question that this may raise is: “Why are you doing all these gigs together?”. Well first of all because it just happened to be: I have to attend an event in Europe so I, along with my staff, tried to use the occasion to plan as many things as possible I had to do sooner or later in Europe. The second reason why I like to deliver all together and group as many gigs as possible is because I want to enjoy my life: I didn’t decided to live where I live randomly, I like to stay at my place, with my dog and my friends so going every week back and forth for a photoshoot, for a movie, for an event, for an audition or whatever it might happen to be ain’t really the definition of stability in life!

That being said my biggest worry is to stay on top of my condition throughout the whole trip having gigs every few days in different countries.
First thing first: you must be sure that by the day you leave your condition is top notch. You can’t even nearly think to burn more fat or pack more muscle while touring so be sure to do your homework before you leave. My biggest concern is the water retention: by now we all know that by traveling, flying, changing of environment, changing of food and stress make you hold water, so doesn’t matter if you are super lean: with water under the skin you look puffy and fatty. There are several ways to address this issue: this is what I do. I use the day of traveling to low my carbs to the minimal and to high my protein intake, a low session of cardio after the flight helps too. And I use the time between the traveling and the gig to carb-up to look fuller. Natural water pills are always will me for a last minute adjustment.

Consider also that probably not all the gigs are shirtless: if that is the case you definitely have more flexibility. If you can try to plan your shirtless gigs in the first part of the tour: I know it’s not really up to you but chances are that you’re going to lose some mass: because it’s hard abroad to eat properly (I anyway advise you to go to the supermarket and always prepare your food) and it’s hard to train properly. Right: training while traveling is hard: be sure your hotel has a small gym facility or even better find an hotel nearby a commercial gym. Either the ways you’ll be very busy and very tired (not to mention the stress) so try to train smartly and not hardcore. Try to maintain what you’ve got.

When you travel for this kind of work is not about making gains or improve your body, is more about damage control. If you’re not alone and you have a colleague, a personal assistant, a wife … whoever … it might help you to be motivated.

Well guys: I hope I can keep up with the posts in this month, I can’t promise anything but for sure I’ll keep you update you here, on the Ivano Cheers Instagram Profile and on the Ivano Cheers Facebook Page.

Thanks as always for Your love

Wish me luck

Ivano Cheers