Mass or Class?

When we talk about modelling or even acting we always think about fancy bodies and very fit people.To a certain point this is true but the “art” of modelling (and I don’t even wanna touch the acting part) cannot just be reduced in a group of chunks of meat walking around for a catwalk or taking promotional pictures.
Beside the fact that, unless you have an incredible talent, you weren’t born actor or model no matter how good looking you are: many studies and experience is necessary to reach certain levels and being a model don’t always means having a spot on body or a great smile. There are so many categories of models that is going to be hard to count them all: think about big size models, they don’t need good bodies, they actually need the opposite but they must be comfortable the way they are.
I always say that presence is the king of models (and some actors too): if you stand out easily and your presence is solid no matter the shape you have, no matter what you are promoting, no matter the situation: then you’ll be suitable for being model.
Obviously there will be then specializations: people will empathize their body shaped during the years in the gym (and shaped by never-ending diets), others have better smile and are suitable for portraits and others they have just their own personality that make them stand out.

Professional modeling doesn’t require just a good aesthetic but a lot of studies and a lot of practice. There are many schools that might help you with that and many courses, you just have to find the right niche that suits you better.

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Thanks everybody, love you all

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