Street Shooting

In today’s post we are going to cover what is commonly called the street shooting.

Although can be commonly done also in the video shooting sector we are going with this one more in depth  with the classical street shooting. The main difference between a normal photo shooting session in studio and the street photoshooting is that  the latter is outdoor, most likely in different precise locations that have been scouted before.

During an external shooting and/or a street photoshoot you need to be able to walk a lot and so do they photographers, makeup artists, technicians … depending on how bog the crew is.

Normally street photoshoots are done in open spaces and most likely in common places, it isn’t uncommon to see other people in the shot or to see several people around you because you and the crew is always in the middle of the attention.

On the other hand street photoshoots can be way cheaper than studio shootings: you don’t have to pay for the studio, you don’t have to pay for the permissions an normally the takes come out as natural as possible.

I was once talking with a well known street photographer and he told me that the camera and the lens are just tools: in his mind there is already the final picture with all the details and the quality of the photographer is to translate that moment within a click into something more artistic that he visualized.

If you are going  to do a street photoshoot beware of many things.
First and foremost you are on a open space so the light hardly depends on the crew. Sometimes if the light is terrible is better give up.

You need always an assistant that helps you with the clothes and with everything you need while you are working: whether is glass of water or a moment off … your assistant will take care of it.

Makeup artist: this one has to be good, quick and able to walk around with his/her gears and tools and must be able to give you makeup fast and nased on the light of every place. Outdoor makeup artists must be very dynamic.
The nice part of the street shooting is that normally you get the chance to work in wonderful places, in historical places and you can work while sight-seen at the same time!

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