Thanks Europe – Back Home – What’s next?

By the time you’re reading this post I’m probably on my way back home with final destination CURACAO, the place where my home sweet home is.

For sure I want to thanks Europe and all the European, friends, colleagues, crews … everybody I met and I will surely meet again in this month of hard work yet very fulfilling work.
I don’t start to mention every single one ore else one post won’t be not even closely enough to thanks everybody!

But what’s next?

What Mr. Ivano Cheers will do from tomorrow?

Well for sure I will take few days off, enjoying my home, my little dog and my close friends.
Then I will start to study and work on the new coming project.
One thing is for sure: I will keep posting for sure on Monday – Wednesday and Friday here on the website/blog, on my Instagram Profile and on the official Facebook Page of mine.
Not to mention the new Instagram TV channel (or IGTV if you will that is screaming for new contents).
Let’s say many things are boiling in the pot … but there is something I really need your feedback and therefore I kindly ask you to take a minute to answer to this poll.
I really want to give you contents that you enjoy reading and that you are waiting for the day when a new post will be issues so what I ask you is:

Coming Soon

Please if you answer “Others” let me know also with out contact form what would you like to see in particular.

I have the feeling that soon some new pics for the Bond 25 will leak somewhere … I didn’t say nothing!

Thanks as always for your love, it’s outstanding your level of support

thank you thank you thank you

Love you every single one of you

Ivano Cheers