The Goodie Box winning audition

It is with pride that I can finally announce that I’ve got the role in the coming short movie “The Goodie Box”There is not much I can say yet if not that I have one of the three main roles and that I will have to pack (yes, once again) several pounds of muscle on my frame. Regardless the confidentiality of the whole thing I can show you the latest screen test of the audition done in San Diego when I got the role:

This is JUST an audition: no more. The short has got already a script and I love it. Shooting will start quite soon due to the fact I’m already sitting on a good weight. The movie is deliberately inspired by Hell Ride with more than one twist in it.
For sure the movie will be presented to many short movie festivals around the world.
I’m actually demanding, for all my co-citizens, that at least part of the movie will be shot in Curacao but nothing can be guaranteed just yet.

I will publish the audition, since I’ve got all the rights, to my instagram and Facebook page as soon as I come back.
And by the way: I’m getting back home with my super buddy Pam! Finally!

Stay tuned on Ivano Cheers Facebook and Ivano Cheers Instagram for updates.

Thanks as always for your support!


Ivano Cheers