The Turin gigs

As you may or may not know I’m touring Europe for WORK doing photoshoots, gigs and hosting events all over Europe.

It happened that the last two days I was in the city of Turin in the north of Italy, beautiful former capital full of monuments and history.
I’ve been doing the shooting (in case you haven’t seen yet my story on my Instagram profile) with Mr. @niccolo_leone_ph at the photography and Mr. @mettphotography at the video shooting: two young and very talented artists of the camera in the north of Italy. It was nice to share their passion and they will to create the perfect outcome: all my respect to you guys!
That being said has been a very nice experience since we divided the shooting in two different parts: casual/sport/stylish around the historical sights of the city and a fitness photoshoot (thanks to Gold’s Gym) in a local park.
While I was getting shot Mett was taking footage to realize a teaser, which means: stay tuned to see the final result!
First thing first: the city of Turin is very beautiful and I didn’t aspect it to be that nice. Second of all the overall experience has been great, I even brought with me my mom since I never seen her and she turned out in a perfect personal assistant!
Useless to say that I was more comfortable while shooting the fitness one, but sometimes we must get out of our comfort zone to get what’s really inside us, am I right?

This has been an absolute good experience which I’d like to repeat once I’ll get back to Italy indeed. The guys have a lot of vision toward their job and I let them direct the shooting as they like.


Soon many other takes and some behind the scenes quite funny. Not to mention the video teaser!

So stay tuned and keep following me on my Official Instagram Profile and on my Official Facebook Page.

Thanks as always

stay tuned

Love You All