Time off … What now?

What’s up everybody! Here we are with another post following up (again and again) the tiring yet awesome working tour of Europe.

As the post of two days ago I’m still in Europe (Italy) taking some days off, enjoying some sleep (believe me I forgot this month what the word sleeping means) and family time.
I’ll stay here few more days then in exactly 6 days I’ll fly back home.

What exactly do I mean for time off?

Well, let’s face it: I’m in a very fortunate position: I traveled all around the world for work, I’m based in a place where people would love to visit just for a day, I don’t miss a thing so … I consider holiday more a state of mind rather than a vacation somewhere, and to me holiday is when I can stay home, relax, taking a bit more easy everything and share good time with my dog and friends.
Let’s also say that I’m a sort of perfectionist and workaholic so it ain’t easy to me standing still and doing nothing at all.
Officially from now on, let’s say till the end of July, I’d be completely off, I should give a break to my body from training, diet and such … and just let it go a bit more.
Indeed I won’t go crazy in the kitchen, I won’t sleep 24/7 and I will not get out of shape completely. That’s the way I am: I know that soon I must shoot the new movie “The Goodie Box”, I know I can’t get too off from my actual shape, I know I must study and keep learning not to mention I have always to keep this blog up to date, I have always to stay on top of my socials plus some small local events … to keep it simple I won’t change too much my daily routine!
As I mentioned it before it’s about state of mind, so if one day I don’t feel to wake up early to do my cardio I will sleep more, I once in a while I feel like burger … I will eat it, if I don’t feel like studying a script in that precise moment … I will have more time later: but knowing myself is pretty much a statement to say that my days in my time off won’t differ too much from a normal working day.

Getting a bit off topic: I’ve seen some previews of the shooting I’ve done in Bucharest  for the Bond screening and they look awesome! So stay tuned!

Thank you all as ALWAYS!

Love you all

Ivano Cheers

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