What if you get rejected?

Not always the auditions or casting calls have and happy end: what happens when your get rejected by somebody?

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ivano cheers t-shirtChances are that, especially in the beginning of your career as an actor or as a model you’re going to apply for plenty of casting calls to get as many auditions as possible.
If the first auditions don’t eventually count since you need to build your experience up in front a group of producers testing you, sooner or later you will get your chance. And then you might get another chance because you’ve got a better resume and then, hopefully more and more, like a snowball effect (ideally).
In other words you build a sort of self confidence that will help you to be more secure in front of people and in your job overall: but does this mean you are going to be the next world top model or the next leading character in a blockbuster movie?
You might already know the answer: NO!
There will be a moment when casting calls start not not consider you, when you start to lose gigs that in the past were easy to get and eventually your overall mood will get a big step backward.

The reason why I’m posting this right now is because this weekend I supposed to be in L.A. to shoot very important commercial material and I was basically sure to get the role: to the point that we were planning already the flight schedule and the accommodation. Then all of the sudden I got dropped. No big deal of course, there will be other opportunities yet, deep inside, it still hurts a bit.

The fact is that it is completely normal not to pass a casting call and/or an audition, probably 9 auditions out of 10 will be a failure not because you’re not good enough, just because there might be better candidates, the overall situation can make another talent a better candidate (like saving production money on flights and staying) and, let’s be honest, maybe someone else knows more people than you do!

Consider also that the more you get into the business, the more the bar and the level gets higher and higher.

What to do then?

Just try to get better and better. Every time I get rejected I try always to speak to the people who evaluated me to understand where I lost the audition, and this is the area where I have to improve myself by the next step! We can always improve, ALWAYS: there is no finish line. A lost audition won’t give you a part but if you want will make you stronger and more prepared for the next one.

That being said I’m going to enjoy my weekend with friends and dog at home, without thinking that I could be in L.A. working 🙂

Thanks a lot to all of you and for your support!

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