Touring Europe: ain’t easy!

Hi everybody! This is my first updating post about my working trip across Europe. You are reading this post that has been published Wednesday June the 6th and right now I’m already in Europe, checking in in Italy for the sake of precision waiting for tomorrow to fly to Barcelona.

As I wrote in the previous post (how to stay on top of your condition while traveling),  just while I was leaving to Europe the most difficult part of having so many events and gigs to attend in a short time while traveling and flying is to keep your condition up to the top.

Well, as I was predicting: IT IS VERY DIFFICULT! I had a long flight (14 hours) and as I reached the first destination has been already hectic time to fix everything, trying the clothes, measuring the suits and other stuff for the upcoming events in Barcelona. The flight is tomorrow and I didn’t have time at all to rest, eat properly not to mention the absolute lack of training.
Luckily once I land in Spain I have a bit of free time so I can have a solid sleep, a good full body workout at the gym nearby, some time to make grocery shopping in order to have the right food as much as possible at the right time.
I bring with me also some protein bars (not the healthiest choice but hey … damage control) and some extra protein powder.
The program will include also several dinners and a lunch so I will try my best not to cheat on the food. On top of everything I need also to take care about the “dark side of my job” namely meetings, Skype calls and Socials: so I guess you have to expect starting from this (and the previous post) a sort of step by step update of my trip.
It is cool to share this with you guys: something someone of you seems to know me better than my closest friend; I’ve got DMs asking me about my dog and how I can manage the situation with him:

Well: if I stay away just few days he stays home and there is always someone taking care of him.
If I stay away within a month (like now) he’s going on holiday by his brother who’s owned by one of my best friends and if I stay longer that a month … he comes with me!
Yes, no compromises, I love Pammy (my dog), I took the responsibility of him and I won’t let him never alone alone: even if I have to refuse big contracts.
He’s also the easiest and best dog a person can have so it is so easy with him: he’s always quite, happy, joyful and … he’s my buddy after all.
So guys, thanks for your concern but the dog part is under control 🙂
For sure is better controlled than my stress level, my diet and my fitness activity 😀
It is getting into my mind … you know at work everything must be perfect, so I’m very perfectionist!

Thanks again to follow with me this tour on this blog, on Instagram and on my Facebook Page.

Trying to keep up with the updates every other day

Love You All

Ivano Cheers